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Pappy's Pepper Spreads are available in individual 12 oz jars or in cases containing a dozen (12) 12 oz jars. Please make your selection below and add them to your shopping cart.

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Pepper Spreads

Pappy's Green Pepper Spread(™)
Green Pepper Spread This spread, made with green peppers, has no heat but presents a full flavor profile for your taste buds bringing out the garlic and green onions. Available soon!

Scoville Rating: 0
Pappy's Green Pepper Spread

Temporarily unavailable!

Pappy's Poblano Pepper Spread(™)
Poblano Pepper Spread The Poblano Pepper Spread is a nice middle ground between the Green Pepper Spread and the original Jalapeno Pepper Spread. It has very little heat but you know it's there.

Scoville Rating: 1,000 - 2,000
Pappy's Poblano Pepper Spread

Temporarily unavailable!

Pappy's Jalapeno Pepper Spread(™)
Jalapeno Pepper Spread This, the original Pappy's Pepper Spread, has a little kick at first and then smooths out leaving a little heat to linger around making you want another bite!

Scoville Rating: 3,500 - 8,000
Pappy's Jalapeno Pepper Spread

Pappy's Habanero Pepper Spread(™)
Habanero Pepper Spread Our Habanero Pepper Spread is the answer for those who wanted a hotter pepper spread. With a Scoville rating at least 25 times hotter than jalapenos, use this one in moderation because it is HOT!

Scoville Rating: 200,000 - 350,000
Pappy's Habanero Pepper Spread

Temporarily unavailable!

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