Thank you for your interest in Pappy's Pepper Spread! When I was growing up, we always had fresh pepper spread which we called "hot mayo". This was a recipe my grandfather made for my mother growing up and she made for me during my youth. We ate it on sandwiches and hamburgers and used it as a chip and vegetable dip. Spreading it over a fresh piece of cornbread was delicious! Over the years I frequently made jars of hot mayo at home for personal consumption.

Some time back I hosted a cookout at my house. I happened to have a fresh jar of hot mayo in the fridge and brought it out for all to try on their burgers. My friends loved it! One of them half-heartedly suggested we mass-produce it and sell it commercially. Over the course of the next several weeks, the topic of commercializing the hot mayo came up several times. We finally decided to give it a shot and so we began the process of learning how to make this happen.

Making hot mayo for our own consumption is one thing, but getting it to the point it can be sold in stores and served in restaurants is a whole other endeavor. Over the next several months we educated ourselves on how to make this a reality. We went through several kitchen tests in order to get the recipe down to a precise process and it has resulted in a finished product we proudly called Pappy's Pepper Spread. Since then we have developed several different products and created numerous recipes using Pappy's Pepper Spreads. We invite you to try Pappy's Pepper Spreads and sample some of the wonderful recipes we have posted here on the web site. Feel free to send us any recipes you create using Pappy's Pepper Spreads and we'll post them as well!

The original product, now labeled Pappy's Jalapeno Pepper Spread, is based on the original hot mayo recipe. That product is made with jalapeno peppers and has moderate heat which gives it a little kick. This is still our most popular product. Over the years we've received feedback that the original version was too hot for some; and not hot enough for others. This feedback prompted us to develop other products using different peppers. The result was a new product with less heat than the original as well as a new product with even more heat than the original. We are currently working on a product with no heat but still retaining that full flavor profile our customers have come to love.

In addition to these products, we are also developing a series of products made with extra virgin olive oil for added health benefits. These products are still in the kitchen test phase but should be ready by spring of 2011.

All our products are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible. Unlike other flavored mayonnaises and spreads which start with a bland mayonnaise base and then combined with a flavoring mix, Pappy's Pepper Spreads are made from scratch giving them a unique and full-flavored taste profile. But don't take our word for it, give them a try and you'll see why we say Pappy's Pepper Spreads excite your tastebuds!

Pappy's Pepper Spreads are products of Mile Post 16 LLC. After going through a couple of company names, we settled on Mile Post 16 due to the significance its association has with the roots of Pappy's Pepper Spreads. The family land in Coral, MS where the hot mayo was created so many years ago was once home to a lumber company owned by the family in the early 1900's. In order to easily transport the lumber, a railroad system was in place and the tracks ran through the middle of the land. Several years ago a public recreation initiative known as the "Longleaf Trace" saw the railroad tracks removed and a paved biking/walking trail laid in their place. The trail has mile markers similar to those seen on the highway. Mile marker 16 is right in the middle of the family land so it seemed like an appropriate name to give a company which has its heritage rooted in the same geographic area.

We believe we have an outstanding line of products and we hope you agree. Please feel free to send us a note with any feedback you may have. Thanks again for your interest in Pappy's Pepper Spreads and we hope you enjoy!